Therapist Timestops Sexy Patient

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Lumin is seeing her therapist Torro, telling him all of her problems, and boring him.

He tries to liven up the conversation by asking her about her sex life.

Lumin tells him a few details, and he sits closer to her and starts to touch her, she grows uncomfortable, so Torro timestops her.

He decides to have a little fun and strips her slightly, then restarts her. Lumin is incredibly confused, not knowing why her clothes are falling off, so Torro timestops her again, and strips her fully, then uses her hand to jack him off, he restarts time a few times, freaking Lumin out, then timestops her again.

He keeps teasing her, then finally redresses her, then restarts time as if nothing ever happened, then insists that she see him again, the confused Lumin leaves, knowing that something is off.
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Tags Brunette
Pornstars Toro Bravo
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